About Tired Dog Ranch

Tired Dog Ranch started in 2005 with the idea to have an Oregon lodging that radically departed from the norm in rental accommodations. That is, we wanted to have a place where guests feel at home and you don't feel like you are in a place with no personality or love put into it. We wanted a place for family vacations, pet vacations, hiking, biking, or just hanging out - a place that is as natural and comfortable as your own home. Just add the Willamette National Forest and a bunch of animals.

Each rental cabin is decorated like home - with knickknacks, paddywacks, and give a dog a bone. We mean this: original art, warm colors, collectables at every turn, thick and pretty blankets, and durable, attractive furnishings.

As time went on, we saw we had enough room to help out rescue animals and so we started taking just about every critter that came our way. This was fun for guests, to be sure. But a lot of work and very expensive too. And even worse, it was becoming hard on the land with 100 animals at one point: 17 horses, 6 goats, a llama, a pig, 2 mini-donkeys, 18 cats, 5 dogs, 50 chickens, 2 turtles, 2 fish tanks, 10 ducks, 2 Guini Fowl, and maybe some unaccounted fauna we forget. We started feeling like Noah's ark.

Which ain't so bad if you are pet friendly and love animals (which we are and do), but we were overgrazing the land and the ol' pocketbook. Whew! Talk about Dog Tired! The orchard and gardens are rebelling and need some lovin' too!

For many of the rescue horses, this was their last option to a healthy, nurturing life and our goal was for this to be their "forever home". For others, we have provided respite and rehoming services. We still have 4 Spanish Mustang horses, a couple dogs, lots of sweet rescue cats, laying chickens and gentle roosters, the turtles, and fish. This still gives your kids plenty of fun, holding a baby chick, playing with the turtles in the grass, petting a horse. Maybe we will take on a few more, but consciously and responsibly - to consider the land and all who live and visit here.

So Tired Dog Ranch is actually a pretty energetic place, a living entity and ever changing, with animals and people who have come and gone on to find what suits them best. There are some things do not change, however: like Tired Dog Ranch's dedication to be good caretakers of the land, with loving husbandry to its animals, and to develop good quality of life for us and the guests who stay here to experience the TDR magic.

If you want to know more about us, then come and see for yourself and experience Tired Dog Ranch! We will have the fire burning and the water bowl filled for the unique home away from home that Tired Dog Ranch will always be.

Pet friendly lodging

Do you have a dog or pet you want to vacation with? The Tired Dog Ranch is set up to meet your pet vacation needs. We are definitely geared towards family vacations and pet friendly!LEARN MORE ABOUT PET FRIENDLY LODGING

Horse vacations

Hey Cowboy! (excuse me: Equestrian), you wanna bring your horse? It is easy at Tired Dog Ranch! LEARN MORE ABOUT HORSE FRIENDLY VACATIONS


We have camping right at the edge of the Willamette National Forest. Groups or individuals, with the essentials at hand for secure and comfortable camping. LEARN MORE ABOUT CAMPING

Special Events

Tired Dog Ranch has been host to a few weddings and various seminars and meetings. We can help you make your next meeting, retreat, wedding, or seminar a success. LEARN MORE ABOUT SPECIAL EVENTS

Family vacations

Make your next family vacation fun for the whole family. Experience the joys of country living at Tired Dog Ranch where you can discover your inner child and let your kids be kids. LEARN MORE ABOUT FAMILY FRIENDLY VACATIONS