Camping in Oregon

Camping right at the edge of the Willamette National Forest is pretty great at the Tired Dog Ranch. We can accomodate single campers in the woods, along the creek and in the meadow, or large groups in the meadow. Tired Dog Ranch offers campers the security of a private campground with certain amenities to make your camping comfortable and easy.

We have a large meadow, surrounded by forest. In the center is a fire pit with plenty of firewood. Lay beneath the stars and make a wish when one falls. The camp area is pretty sweet.

We have a covered outdoor kitchen with frig, propane stove, food prep table, and dishwashing station. There is a partitioned, private shower area with solar heated water (which is cool if there is no sun, of course). Various composting toilets take care of your elimination needs. The area can hold a hundred tents easily.

If you want, we can provide meals too, catering to the vegetarian or omnivorous diet. Prices for catering vary according to your needs, so contact us if you want catering and we will give you a quote.

Pet friendly lodging

Do you have a dog or pet you want to vacation with? The Tired Dog Ranch is set up to meet your pet vacation needs. We are definitely geared towards family vacations and pet friendly! LEARN MORE ABOUT PET FRIENDLY LODGING

Horse vacations

Hey Cowboy! (excuse me: Equestrian), you wanna bring your horse? It is easy at Tired Dog Ranch! LEARN MORE ABOUT HORSE FRIENDLY VACATIONS

Special Events

Tired Dog Ranch has been host to weddings and various seminars and meetings. We can help you make your next meeting, retreat, wedding, or seminar a success. LEARN MORE ABOUT SPECIAL EVENTS

Family vacations

Make your next family vacation fun for the whole family. Experience the joys of country living at Tired Dog Ranch where you can discover your inner child and let your kids be kids. LEARN MORE ABOUT FAMILY FRIENDLY VACATIONS