Family Vacations

We have kids and we have taken them on vacations. A simple statement that embodies a unique understanding of the challenges of making a family vacation enjoyable for both parents and kids.

Here at Tired Dog Ranch your kids are welcome to experience the old fashioned joys of life on a farm and living in the country - you see, Tired Dog Ranch is not just rental vacation cabins, it is a little working farm with daily chores and fun too. You can join in whenever you want, feeding the chickens (and maybe holding a chick), checking for eggs, feeding horses, picking blackberries, identifying veggies in the garden (and eating them too).

And we have fun too. We have lots of room to play and kids really love to be adventurers, leading the way following the ribbons through the forest, or participating in our Forest Egg Hunt. How about finding frogs in the stream. Catching grasshoppers. Making shelters from branches. Hide and Seek. Going on a hike and eating a picnic lunch by a mountain stream.

We have little animals to hold and learn about, like turtles, cats, and sometimes baby chicks. Maybe they will even see an elk or a raccoon if they are lucky. Enjoy an evening at the campfire, roasting roast hotdogs or marshmallows. Lie beneath the clean, open sky at night and watch shooting stars.

Tired Dog Ranch is a place that takes you back to a simpler time of simple and wholesome pleasures. Often adults get a chance to experience such joys for the very first time too. And maybe even learn a thing or two about building a fire, or forest first aid, or get inspired in some way. For family vacations, Tired Dog Ranch is the ideal place to discover the inner child, and a place for kids to be kids.

Dog friendly lodging

We have a lot of room to romp and play at Tired Dog Ranch. This is a big step up from a motel which will merely tolerate your dog and give him or her a small place to pee and poop. There are 18 acres of meadows and fields, and hundreds of acres of the Willamette National Forest with trails and stream just a few steps away. We focus on a high quality vacation with your dog and want you BOTH to have a great time on a pet friendly vacation at Tired Dog Ranch.

Our menagerie is ever changing as we take in various rescue animals from time to time, and learn how to be good stewards of this magical property in the process. We try hard to make sure every animal here is safe and happy.

So, if you want a dog vacation (or other pet), let us know what your needs are, whether it is a catbox, a dog bed, a doghouse, a dog run, or some other pet issue that will need attention. No extra charge if we have it on hand and don't have to buy anything to make it work for you. We have excellent vets just 40 minutes away for emergencies, too.

Tired Dog Ranch is your home away from home and your dog (or other pet) will have a great vacation, howling at the moon!

Pet friendly lodging

Do you have a dog or pet you want to vacation with? The Tired Dog Ranch is set up to meet your pet vacation needs. We are definitely geared towards family vacations and pet friendly! LEARN MORE ABOUT PET FRIENDLY LODGING

Horse vacations

Hey Cowboy! (excuse me: Equestrian), you wanna bring your horse? It is easy at Tired Dog Ranch! LEARN MORE ABOUT HORSE FRIENDLY VACATIONS


We have camping right at the edge of the Willamette National Forest. Groups or individuals, with the essentials at hand for secure and comfortable camping. LEARN MORE ABOUT CAMPING

Special Events

Tired Dog Ranch has been host to weddings and various seminars and meetings. We can help you make your next meeting, retreat, wedding, or seminar a success. LEARN MORE ABOUT SPECIAL EVENTS

Family vacations

Make your next family vacation fun for the whole family. Experience the joys of country living at Tired Dog Ranch where you can discover your inner child and let your kids be kids. LEARN MORE ABOUT FAMILY FRIENDLY VACATIONS