Welcome To Tired Dog Ranch

Tired Dog Ranch started in 2005 with the idea to have an Oregon lodging that radically departed from the norm in rental accommodations. That is, we wanted to have a place where guests feel at home and you don’t feel like you are in a place with no personality or love put into it. We wanted a place for family vacations, pet vacations, hiking, biking, or just hanging out – a place that is as natural and comfortable as your own home. Just add the Willamette National Forest and a bunch of animals.

Each Rental Is Wonderfully Unique

Each rental cabin is decorated like home – with knickknacks, paddywacks, and give a dog a bone. We mean this: original art, warm colors, collectables at every turn, thick and pretty blankets, and durable, attractive furnishings.

Relaxing And Fun

So Tired Dog Ranch is actually a pretty energetic place, a living entity and ever changing, with animals and people who have come and gone on to find what suits them best. There are some things do not change, however: like Tired Dog Ranch’s dedication to be good caretakers of the land, with loving husbandry to its animals, and to develop good quality of life for us and the guests who stay here to experience the TDR magic.

Rescue Animals Come And Go

At times, Tired Dog Ranch can be a “Noah’s Arc”, filled with rescue animals. Currently, we have a few beautiful horses and a lively gaggle of free-range chickens. For the horses, this was their last option to a healthy, nurturing life and our goal was for this to be their “forever home”. For others, we have provided respite and rehoming services.

Your kids (and the kid in you) will have plenty of fun petting and feeding the horses, hanging out with the chickens, collecting eggs and holding baby chicks. We’re always taking in new rescue animals, but consciously and responsibly – to consider the land and all who live and visit here.

Come Give Us A Visit

If you want to know more about us, then come and see for yourself and experience Tired Dog Ranch! We will have the fire burning and the water bowl filled for the unique home away from home that Tired Dog Ranch will always be.

Cascadian Cottage


Cowboy Cabin


Celestial Yurt


Carriage House


Tired Dog Ranch: Surrounded by Everything You Love

Simply put, Tired Dog Ranch is located at the epicenter of Oregon’s natural outdoor paradise, Oakridge! Surrounded by unlimited and diverse natural escapes, you’ll spend your days exploring and your evenings relaxing.

Tired Dog Ranch is surrounded by world-class mountain bike trails, endless hiking, ideal fishing and hunting, summer swimming, winter wonderlands, scenic discoveries, covered bridges, massive lava beds, natural hot springs to...well, you get the idea! LEARN MORE

Tired Dog Ranch: Much More Than the other Oakridge Vacation Rentals

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