Camping & Catering

Tired Dog Ranch is so much more than the comfy rentals! There’s room to camp AND gather for personal and professional events.


Camping right at the edge of the Willamette National Forest is pretty great at the Tired Dog Ranch. We can accomodate single campers in the woods, along the creek and in the meadow, or large groups in the meadow. Tired Dog Ranch offers campers the security of a private campground with certain amenities to make your camping comfortable and easy.

We have a large meadow, surrounded by forest. In the center is a fire pit with plenty of firewood. Lay beneath the stars and make a wish when one falls. The camp area is pretty sweet.

The Cadillac Campsite Kitchen and Shower Shelter is designed for the “glamper” in all of us. This structure, conveniently located at the entry of the upper meadow campgrounds, provides a turnkey kitchen with full size fridge and propane stove/range, double sink w/drain rack, 16′ of tiled countertop & bench storage for serving buffet style. Cook and serve ware for up to 20 in the group is provided at N/C. The back section of the structure provides four private HOT showers, each with own dressing room, bench, towel hooks and toiletry rack.  Various composting toilets positioned around the shaded perimeter of the meadow with toilet paper, shavings and hand sanitizer for your elimination and clean up needs.

You can combine both camping, use of the Shelter and Long House, rental of all four dwellings and save big!  Call for details.

Rates: Tent Camping: $15 per night (1 vehicle and tent). Trailer/RV Camping: $25 per night (no water/septic).
Max 4 people per tent / trailer / RV


While cooking your own food is easy, why not enjoy a few spreads from our finest in the community. Local catering is available upon request with delightful menus of carnivore, omnivore and herbivore meals that will surely delight the tastebuds!

Tired Dog Ranch: Surrounded by Everything You Love

Simply put, Tired Dog Ranch is located at the epicenter of Oregon’s natural outdoor paradise, Oakridge! Surrounded by unlimited and diverse natural escapes, you’ll spend your days exploring and your evenings relaxing.

Tired Dog Ranch is surrounded by world-class mountain bike trails, endless hiking, ideal fishing and hunting, summer swimming, winter wonderlands, scenic discoveries, covered bridges, massive lava beds, natural hot springs to...well, you get the idea! LEARN MORE